Grand Rapids, MI Land Development

No property is too big for the MotorCity team! Whether you are an avid hunter or a homeowner looking to revamp your property, our experts are committed to turning your land into the property you have always wanted. With our top-grade equipment, unmatched skill, and dedicated team, our Grand Rapids, MI land development services are just what you have been looking for.

Pond Restoration in Grand Rapids, Michigan

Years ago, your pond was crystal clear, fishing was great, and the fun never stopped flowing. Now, the water is murky and filled with unsightly weeds and algae. Sound familiar? Our pond restoration services will bring the beauty of your pond back to life, so you and your family can get back to enjoying the great outdoors.

Grand Rapids, MI Land Clearing

We offer skilled equipment operators who are specially trained to safely and efficiently remove trees, branches, stumps, and brush from undeveloped or overgrown commercial and residential lots. As a result, our land clearing professionals will transform your land into a blank canvas that’s ready for action.

Grand Rapids, MI Habitat Management

We take pride in going above and beyond, making all your property dreams a reality. With our state-of-the-art equipment, unmatched expertise, and passion for the great outdoors, we’ll take good care of your land and the wildlife within it.

Excavation Services in Grand Rapids, Michigan

The key to any successful project begins with proper excavation. Whether you are looking to build a new home or upgrade your current property, the experts at MotorCity Hot Shot will provide you with the light excavation services needed to get the job done.

Grand Rapids, MI Forestry Mulching

We are proud to provide Grand Rapids, MI forestry mulching services to residential and commercial properties throughout the area and the state. This efficient and eco-friendly solution is perfect for your land clearing needs. Not to mention, our professionals will leave behind a fine layer of mulch that is operational as well as beautiful.

Turn your land into the property you have always wanted with our Grand Rapids, MI land development services. Request a free estimate today!

Why MotorCity Hot Shot?

Commitment To Satisfaction

We’re happy when our customers are happy. That’s why we go above and beyond on every project, exceeding all expectations.

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From forestry mulching to land clearing to everything in between, we’re here to make your property dreams a stunning reality.

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