No-Till Drill Food Plots

Imagine having the best fields in town during the peak of hunting season, without ever touching a disc or tiller. How, you ask? With our state-of-the-art no-till drill food plot services. Our professionals will help create a custom year-round food plot plan that best fits your needs, your budget, and your property.

A no-till drill is an exceptionally heavy drill consisting of a specialized disc set-up that cuts through plant residue, places seeds at the correct depth, and replaces the soil over the plant mixture for good soil to seed contact. By providing a consistent, high-protein food source, your favorite animals will have their best chance of reaching their full genetic potential.

Why No-Till Drill Planting?

No tiller? No disc? No problem! No matter how big or how small your food plot is, you can expect success with our no-till drill system. But, what are the benefits? We’re glad you asked!

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    No disruptions to organic matter

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    Reduced surface runoff off and soil erosion

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    Higher yields

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    Minimized herbicide runoff

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    Fuel and labor savings

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    Enhanced moisture retention

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    Less wasted seeding

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    And more

As the saying goes, “plant it and they will come.” From corn and clover to micro food plots, our team of experts will design a plan for spring, summer, fall, and every moment in between. Get the most out of your hunting property with our no-till drill food plots. Request a free estimate from our experts today!

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