Hunting Food Plots

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As a landowner and avid hunter, you need to take advantage of every tool at your disposal to ensure the wildlife on your property remains healthy and active. Hunting food plots are an excellent resource for providing much-needed nutrients to deer, turkey, and other wildlife, helping to promote growth and solid nutrition for breeding season. In addition, food plots are also effective at keeping wildlife on your property for when hunting season rolls around. At MotorCity Hot Shot, our professionals have years of experience to help you maximize the odds of a successful hunt through the use of food plot seeds and habitat management.

A successful food plot begins with proper soil health. That’s why we handle every aspect of your food plot installation; from clearing out timber and mulching to leveling the soil and pulling samples. We take pride in going above and beyond, making all your hunting property dreams a reality.

Food Plot Installations For Every Hunter

Are you a versatile hunter or more of a whitetail fanatic? Whether you are looking to plant a spring, summer, fall, or year-round food plot, our professionals will design a plan that fits your needs and your budget. Did we mention we specialize in a variety of food plot installations? From micro food plots to soybeans to clover, we’ll turn your property into a honey hole with top-quality plot options for:

  • Whitetail Deer

  • Rabbits

  • Turkeys

  • Grouse

  • Pheasants

  • And More

We make the plot, you take the shot. Grow a food plot that not even a record buck can resist with our hunting food plot services. Request a free estimate from our experts today!

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