Hunting Blind Installation

deer blind

Missing out on a trophy buck due to unfavorable weather conditions in the stand is a hunter’s worst nightmare… trust us, we know the feeling. Rather than this daunting scenario becoming a reality, you need a hunting blind that performs under any circumstance, regardless of the weather.

At MotorCity Hot Shot, our hunting blind installation services will provide you the set up you need to ensure your next trophy buck isn’t just a picture on the trail camera. From initial ordering to final set-up, our professionals will handle every aspect of your installation from start to finish.

Tall Tines and Box Blinds

For us, hunting isn’t just a hobby, it’s a passion. That’s why we are committed to helping every hunter up their game. When it comes to blinds, concealment and proper set-up is key for a successful hunt. That’s why our experts take the time to survey your land, determine the perfect location, and anchor down your blind to withstand any weather conditions that come your way.

Becoming part of the environment you are hunting gives you an edge on your target species. To ensure you have the upper-hand, our experts specialize in a variety of hunting blind installations, including:

  • Tower Blinds

  • Ground Blinds

  • Box Blinds

  • And More

At MotorCity Hot Shot, we want your time spent in the great outdoors to be productive. Maximize your hunting experience and trust our experts to handle your next hunting blind installation. Request your free estimate today!

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