Pond Cleanout

Do you have an old, stinky pond that you can’t swim in anymore? Is pond algae and muck overshadowing the true beauty of your backyard? At MotorCity Hot Shot, our pond cleanout services are your quick ticket to getting a fresh, new pond again. Utilizing our top-quality equipment and unmatched expertise, our professionals are ready to handle your project with ease, helping you get back to a fresh start.

Why Should I Have My Pond Professionally Cleaned?

Cleanouts are essential for maintaining your pond’s health and ecosystem, while also keeping costly maintenance at bay. To ensure your pond gets back to its original glory, the professionals at MotorCity will inspect your pond, gathering information such as the size and width, the age, how long it has been since your last cleaning, and more. From there, our experts will drain your pond using our industry-grade equipment, working to restore the quality of your pond.

Do you have hanging trees around your pond? Are leaves your enemy? We utilize our expertise to make helpful recommendations for your surrounding land, if necessary, helping to keep your pond clean and in tip-top shape. Whether we think you should pull your tree line back further away from your pond or adjust the sizing of your current dig, you will rest assured our experts will take care of it all!

Your pond called… It's time for a proper cleaning. Request a free on-site estimate for our pond cleanout services today!

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